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Hi there. So, to help a bit I can try.

So, Hoth... very complex and for me, totally awesome planet. First of all, he should pick up all quests, do that H2+ quests, because they are really easy to solo with companion. Also, you get here a new companion( dunno for sure, maybe on planet before this or after this). So, do heroics, group together with anyone and harvest COMMENDATIONS. As far as I know, commendation gearing is the BEST way to gear up oneself and his/hers companion. So get out, kill everything you can, or at least die trying ! You are going to get at least 40 comms by only doing all the heriocs and quests... so harvest them, buy all the new gear, and by the time you finish this planet, you are going to be like two or three levels above next planet level range. It would be Belsavis, which is mostly tiresome planet, but, for some....

TL;DR : harvest commendations, buy gear with that. That your friend should do above all. And when he reaches level cap( now 50), he would be decently geared for to begin Hard Mode Flashpoints