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I think it's time we agree to disagree on this one then.
Probably. Won't stop me from talking, though.
Because at this point I think both of us have made it pretty clear what we consider constructive criticism aimed at improving the game and what not.
What is and isn't constructive criticism is tangential to my point.
My honest opinion is that whining being "human nature" is not something we should be proud of and/or encourage. Just because something is in our nature doesn't mean it's the right (or logical, in this case) thing to do. I, for one, don't like rationalizing irrational behavior by saying it's "human nature".
Then you're missing my point, I think, though we'd probably still disagree. I'm not rationalizing the behavior - in fact, I said such behavior isn't very smart. Rather, I'm objecting to your personal characterization (and thereby demonization) of people who, in my mind, have a right to be ticked off.

The OP asked a specific question, namely, "What drives people to spend energy attacking something they donít care about?" I'm giving a possible answer. Some of the people in question do care, but know that their constructive comments will fall on deaf ears - but feel the need to comment anyway. Like I said, not smart, but there it is.

Whle the expression of their frustration may not be productive, that's not sufficient reason to dismiss them as lonely, no-life putzes. That's what I take issue with more than anything else. Their comments do carry a message, even if it isn't "constructive" in the usual sense of the word, and the people behind that message are likely as productive and normal as anyone who plays MMOs.