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Again, I don't see it as "pathetic" (except in terms of the overall situation), but human nature. It's the mutterings of those who have been let down, and who are convinced things won't get any better.
I think it's time we agree to disagree on this one then.
Because at this point I think both of us have made it pretty clear what we consider constructive criticism aimed at improving the game and what not.

My honest opinion is that whining being "human nature" is not something we should be proud of and/or encourage. Just because something is in our nature doesn't mean it's the right (or logical, in this case) thing to do. I, for one, don't like rationalizing irrational behavior by saying it's "human nature". And that goes for a lot of things, some of which are much more important than a simple game. Isn't it human nature to be envious? To let your emotions get the best of you, making you do things that ultimately lead to you losing your humanity? I think it's really dangerous to just call something "human nature" and accept it as that, especially when that something stems from feelings of anger and hate. But I'm pretty sure your opinion differs.