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01.12.2013 , 09:45 AM | #14
i feel like if i tell you this i may make the game UN-fun but you can completely break this fight and make it 100 times easier for everyone. here is how you do it.
start out like normal with the first boss swap.
when the yellow circle comes never take it to toth
when u see the yellow circle have 1 melee switch to zorn and the 2 ranged switch to toth
when toth is about 20-30% ahead on hp have the 2nd melee switch to zorn
kill both bosses.

no mechanics at all. no red circles. no aoe's no anything.

if the tank on toth gets a yellow circle swap with zorn tank.
the only people that take dmg here is the tank on toth the melee dps on toth and who ever zorn throws rocks at.
the healing can get sorta intense when u have 2 melee its obviously super easy with 3 ranged but it can be healed through just have the melee dps cycle cool downs when u need him to.

the AOE on toth will now only be 10 meters so healers can stand in the middle and heal the entire group instead of being separated

Toth takes less dmg than normal while in this state and that is the reason for leaving the 2nd melee dps on toth you have to push him down hard and you still want both bosses to die together.