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Definitely. However, devotees of the game are probably not going to comment on how great the game is on youtube.
Maybe not, but some get hot under the collar real quick even at reasonable criticisms. It only helps to fuel the fire...

Yes, I find sad and pathetic both the people that hate the game and bash it everywhere they find just because they can and those who think that the developers can do no wrong. And to me that shows a total lack of real life stuff, which makes them focus on a game (either bashing or worshiping it), which is why I find them sad and pathetic.
I think when you and I look at the quotes the OP posted, we see different things. Granted, context is everything, and it's tricky to interpret those posts without it. At face value, though, I get the sense that a few of them (possibly all of 'em) were made by people who may once have been enthusiastic about the game, gave it a fair shot, and walked away disappointed. I don't find it pathetic to vent disappointment and frustration - it may not be smart, but, AFAIC, it's human nature. As for the lack of constructive criticism, well, what's the point if you're convinced it won't do any good?

You see no-life whiners desperately seeking validation - I see people (like myself) who wanted to like the game to stay with it long-term, but couldn't, and are ticked off.

There's another dimension that I've been hesitant to bring in, but this is as good a time as any. SWTOR, by its very existence, is blocking the production of any other legitimate Star Wars themed MMO. This is all we're gonna get. Naturally I don't expect SWTOR to just go away, nor do I begrudge the people who enjoy it. However, those of us who really want a Star Wars MMO, but who just aren't getting the SW vibe from this game - well, we're screwed. In a sense, a part of that "hate" that you're seeing is the frustration of consumers under a monopoly. Most of the "haters" won't realize it, nevermind say it, but that's part of the underlying psychology. They (we?) don't like what's being offered, but they know there will never be an alternative - the choice is to shut up like good little drones, or lash out when given the chance.

Again, I don't see it as "pathetic" (except in terms of the overall situation), but human nature. It's the mutterings of those who have been let down, and who are convinced things won't get any better.