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you gotta be careful that the tank of toth is not in the 30m of zorn during the jump, to not catch the fearful.

What i suggested is to reduced the occasional burst of damage on one tank. You are right is saying it's a slight waste of time, thus of DPS, but it also avoid burst on the tank. So it really depends on your group and the difficulty your group is facing. In essence, it's a form of kiting, it just is a tool you may or may not need.

For instance, if your group DPS is quite good, so good in fact you have to stop dps to not overlap the jump, doing what i suggest is not harmful, it is in fact safer for the tank.

If your DPS is not that perfect, and you need to rack up as much DPS time as you can, then don't do the kitting, have tank use cooldown instead.
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