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01.12.2013 , 05:21 AM | #8
The 12k was perhaps over the top, but what makes no sence at all is that the new (allot harder) spacemission now reward less credits then those 3 old ones you do at lvl 50, those old ones give something like 4k.

Mabey if you do bonusses it can end up above the old ones but even then i dont think it will be much first cause several of the new ones have only 1 or 2 bonusses and becaus the old ones have bonusses themself and those old ones are now extremly easy with the grade 7 gear to the point that you hardly have to put in any real effort/focus to complete everything in it while the new ones can put you on the tip of your chair even without aiming on any of the bonusses.

That the 12k got a cut i can understand but this really makes no real sence to me