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After the jump, the tank of zorn just let toth go back to the other tank a while then taunt it back before it reach it. that way, he never have both boss hitting him.
I honestly don't see why people do this, it's just so slow to wait for Toth to run back. Seriously, just when he leaps, taunt and run back. A way to expedite it would be to have the tank that had Toth prior to the leap Charge/ Leap to Toth then taunt Zorn as the other tank starts to run back (obviously having already taunted Toth). It would take the same amount of time for the stacks to drop (if done correctly) with a VG/ PT running back as it would with a Shadow/ Sin using Force Speed or a Jugg/ Guardian using Intercede/ Guardian Leap to a friendly. Hell, if you had a Sent/ Mara or a Sage/ Sorc you could have them pop Transcendence/ Predation or have them use Rescue/ Extrication.

Waiting for Toth to run back just wastes far too much time.
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