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01.12.2013 , 03:11 AM | #58
Having read the OP thoroughly... yes, this is a pretty terrible idea, but not for the reason that's getting thrown around in the following posts.

$25 a month for a server where everything on Cartel is free is a terrible deal... for Bioware. A person who pays that premium will buy half a billion cartel packs, all the unlocks, absolutely everything, and basically rolll in it. For a month.

In a month, they'll go "well, that was amusing," downgrade their subscription, never revisit that server, and probably spend a lot less on the Cartel Market for as long as they continue to play the game, because they had those robes/packs/unlocks, and now paying for them doesn't feel right.

Net result? $10 to Bio in exchange for spoiling a cartel customer on the service forever.