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01.11.2013 , 10:37 PM | #8
I don't think you've really noticed, but you actually ARE "juggling" around multiple toons, you're just not getting anywhere with ANY of them because you're deleting them after a certain point. If you keep doing that, you will burn out and not play anymore. Go roll a toon in all eight classes and level each one up to ten. Then go back and level each one to 20. By that time, you should get a feel for which one you are liking the best. Don't delete any after that, just leave them alone. That way if you feel like playing another style you can. Or, you can just keep leveling each one in groups of ten and end up with 8 lvl 50 toons at the end. Whatever you do, you can't keep deleting them when you want to go do another class. You will not get to 50 if you do.