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the is nothing wrong with 2 powertech, those are excellent tanking class.

Force speed isn't needed, i would even bet more than half of the assassin/shadow don't even use it for the switch and down the boss pretty fine.

Watch your positioning, you dont have to place both boss 60 meter appart, 35 - 40 is good enough.

tank of toth just need to react fast, as usual. Just target zorn a few seconds before the jump, when itjump run a few meter and taunt as soon as the 30m range. The whole process should not take more than 1-2 seconds with good tank.

After the jump, the tank of zorn just let toth go back to the other tank a while then taunt it back before it reach it. that way, he never have both boss hitting him.

Obviously the tank of zorn should stop dps a few seconds before the jump, to make sure not having feedback from fearful. Analyse your log, i am pretty sure that if you think the tank is taking too much damage from the jump, it's due to the tank hitting zorn with the fearful debuff.
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