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01.11.2013 , 10:00 PM | #219
I expect that about a year from now, we'll be looking at something like:

"Imperial Agent - Chapter 4" 1500 cartel coins
"Jedi Knight - Chapter 4" 1500 cartel coins
"Republic Chapter 4 Pack" 5500 cartel coins
"Complete Chapter 4 Ultimate Pack" 9000 cartel coins

The good thing about the cartel store is that we genuinely can put our money on the stuff we actually want to have in the game. We don't just cough up $15 a month and the devs get to spend that on producing whatever crap *they* want to produce -- when we pay for the stuff we want, and *only* for the stuff we want, then the game will be a reflection of our wants.

I hold out hope that, considering how many people say that class story is the strongest aspect of SWTOR, that more people will be willing to pay for it than for stupid cosmetic crap.
In order to have romance in this game, I am forced to either crossdress or change my sexual orientation. Nice. Thanks "Bioware".