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Chapter 19

Kyle Katarn awoke in a dimly lit chamber. His body was tightly held to a wall by cortosis chains. He tried to pull away from the wall, but the chains were too tight. He couldn't move. After trying to pull away two more times, he relented. He looked around the dimly lit room. On the ground he noticed several bones... human bones. Across the room was a skeleton in the same position that Kyle found himself in. How old was the skeleton? How long had it been here? All Kyle knew was that he didn't want to end up like that unfortunate soul.

*** *** *** ***

The dungeons of the Iron Citadel had seen much use during the Sith War and Krath Holy Crusades. The dungeons were littered with the bones of long dead prisoners. The Master had only found use for these dungeons once, but now found himself walking the dusty halls of cells once again. He didn't quite understand why The Soldier would bring a Jedi here, but he would make use of the Jedi's knowledge.

The enclosed cell that held the Jedi sat at the end of a long hall of cells. The dungeons had changed since last he was here. The moisture had caused the iron to rust, causing the walls to become stained red. Was it rust, or the blood of the dungeons many residents? It mattered not. Such things should stay in the past.

Approaching the thick durasteel door, The Master commanded it to open with a wave of his hand. The door slid open, letting slightly more light into the room. To his left was the skeleton of a Jedi, someone who fought in the Clone Wars. To his right was the Jedi that The Soldier had brought to the Citadel.

The Master entered the room, the door closing behind him, and turned to face the Jedi. "Kyle Katarn, I presume. I aided you in destroying Rom Moch's Dark Trooper project, and guided you in your quest to defeat Desann."

"What are you talking about?" Katarn fought against the chains once again. "You weren't there!"

The Master chuckled. "We have been watching the galaxy for a long time. Since the end of the war with the Brotherhood of Darkness."

Kyle paused, sudden confusion spread across his face. "How is that possible? Are you immortal?"

The Master leaned next to Kyle. "Immortal? No, simply long lived. Though I will soon cross that barrier and achieve immortality." The Master straightened and walked in front of Kyle. "But where are my manners? I am The Master. I lead The Watchers in protecting the galaxy."

"Protecting the galaxy? You are destroying it!" Kyle's anger rose.

The Master nodded. "Indeed. We have seen the galaxy tear itself apart for too long. We have decided that we must personally involve ourselves in Galactic affairs, and restore order."

"You aren't restoring order! You're creating chaos!"

The Master sighed. "Such is the way of war. The Galactic Alliance must be burned to create a path to restore order." The Master shook his head. "But enough of this. I require some information that a Jedi Master of your standing can provide."

"You'll never get what you want." Kyle's tone had calmed.

The Master smiled a devilish grin. "We'll see." He raised his hands and let loose a torrent of lightning at the Jedi. His screams echoed in the small room, the light from the lightning lit the otherwise dark room. The Master ceased the torture. "You know of what I seek. Spare yourself the pain. Tell me the defense codes for Coruscant and the planet will not suffer the same pain that you will suffer should you refuse."

Kyle panted heavily. "Never."

The Master shook his head and let loose with another series of powerful lightning bolts, but quickly ended the torture. "It will only get worse from here. Tell me! Tell me what I want to know or people will die. It is not something I can control. People will die during the battle."

Before Kyle could answer, the large door to the cell opened and the Captain of The Master's personal guard ran in. "My Lord! The Alliance! They're here!"

The news shocked and confused The Master. "How did they find us?!" Just as he asked the question, the answer was made clear. He turned back to Kyle. "You! You called them here? I underestimated you. Seems Luke's teachings are actually noteworthy."

The Master turned heel to exit the room when the guard stopped him. "What do we do, my lord? The fleet is at the shipyard! What do we do?"

The Master put a hand on the man's shoulder. "We accelerate my plan. Go forth to meet our guests and demand their surrender. You will serve as my voice."

The Galactic Alliance had not defeated him. They will not defeat him. The Master's victory was assured. The Galactic Alliance would fall.
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