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Why people are not happy about SWTOR?
Its a price for own fame for Bioware. People are expecting something in line with Baldurs Gate II, Jade Empire, Mass Effect 2 or Dragon Age Orgins. And SWTOR is just a totally different beast, when it hits you, its shocking.
For me SWTOR is too much WoW in ExU SW. I like ExU SW but i dont like WoW, if i liked WoW, i would plaied it!

HOwever i still kinda enjoy the game (SWTOR), i plan to do all 8 storyilines and have great time. However as soon as i reach 8x50 there will be uninstall and never look back.

The only sin of SWTOR is that its another generic MMO, nothing bad with that, just not all folks enjoy the genre. Happens, no hard feelings. It gets some points for SW mark.

As for reason why not be happy with SWTOR as a game:

- MMO gameplay, which often means just tapping various keys on keyboard from 1 to + (aka rotacion) with good enough key binding you can even just roll your face over for maximum effect. Hardly any ability have condicional effect. Most abilities look same they just vary with DMG value, cld and activacion/channel time.

- NO immersion. If i play sniper it totally dont feel like im shoting something.
If i play sith warrior its not like facing.
Maybe if playing sniper was more like ME, and Jugernaut more like Chilvary it would felt better but its not, and never be. As i said SWTOR is just another generic MMO.

- Storylines without choices. You cant roleplay if you cant make choices, and if there is no real consequences of it.

- Cripped dialogues.

- Cripped companions. No Dialogues, no side missions, just sam short liners if you fed them with enought gifts. And generally they are poor written.