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Where do you draw the line, though? For instance, I've warned people off of this game, usually on the basis that if they're looking for an alternative to WoW style gameplay, this ain't it. Is that criticism, or bashing? Sure, the "this game sux" posts are pretty cut and dry, but the general tolerance level IMO isn't very high.
I think you misunderstood me. I never said or even implied that your opinion, that you will share with reasons to back it up (like what you mentioned about SWTOR not being an alternative to WoW's playstyle) is bashing. That's where I personally draw the line. If you go on youtube, commenting on videos where other people are trying to enjoy the game's PVP or trying to learn the tactics for a fight or even start saying things like "this game sucks", "this game's dead" and when asked "why?" your reasoning is "just because" on the game's general chat, then yes that's bashing.
Doesn't mean you (again you = anyone) don't have the right to do so. I still have the right to consider that pathetic. And frankly, a bit stupid.

Quote: Originally Posted by BobaTed View Post
Does it also go for the, ahem, devotees of the game who think Bioware can do no wrong, and who jump all over anything that in the least way smacks of criticism of the game? I dunno about you, but I find those people rather pathetic and sad - and somewhat blindsighted to the possibilities of this game (and others). However, I'd hesitate to characterize them as "forever aloners" trying desperately to find meaning in their lives through slavish support.
Definitely. However, devotees of the game are probably not going to comment on how great the game is on youtube. I have seen questions, arguments but not "WOW THIS GAME ROCKS" - at least not since before its release. I guess that's probably because it didn't live up to the larger-than-life expectations people had of it (people were acting like SWTOR would be the second coming of Jesus...) and because it became "cool" to jump on the bash-wagon. But I digress.
Yes, I find sad and pathetic both the people that hate the game and bash it everywhere they find just because they can and those who think that the developers can do no wrong. And to me that shows a total lack of real life stuff, which makes them focus on a game (either bashing or worshiping it), which is why I find them sad and pathetic.

However, when it comes to people who like the game and still play it (not unlike myself) you have to take into account the fact that although we realize there are issues - some major, some minor - we like it and enjoy it anyway. I would like my sorcerer to be able to PVP without a hybrid spec. I'd also like more content and dynamic events. I'd like to see more convenience stuff and more bug fixes.
But I still like it for what it is and I don't expect it to turn into something else because I'd like it to be different. Someone else in another post said something that I honestly believe. He said "People say they want something different than WoW, but then again they don't. The minute something is not exactly like it is there, they start comparing it and finding faults everywhere. They essentially do not want a different game. They want the same game with a different setting." The same could be said about GW2, Rift, Terra, TSW etc.

I don't care how those games do it, I enjoy the game and accept it as it is - with its faults and issues. I will leave when I get bored but I have no illusions that I know better what the game needs and it so happens that what it needs is what I want

Anyway, I think I'm taking the topic somewhere completely different than where the OP wanted it to go and for that I'm sorry OP. It's just that I keep hearing about those "devotees" and "biodrones" yet it never crosses people's minds that it might not be that they turn a blind eye on the game's faults, but enjoy it as it is. It seems like such a weird concept that someone else might be enjoying something someone else isn't, right?

And being vocal about something you enjoy, makes more sense to me than just hating something you are not forced to endure.