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01.11.2013 , 12:17 PM | #1
Hey all,

I have received some really nice feed back on a feature that this game lacks that other games I've played in regards to friends list feature. I thought by posting this self-promoting thread in the community section it may get this suggested post more views and more comments, whether they be positive or negative, and may be viewed as important for this games duration as a whole.

Since the idea I am suggesting, which has been done before but is not in this game, is "community" related, in my opinion at least, as it can help better lasting in game friendships, I decided to post here to direct some of you all who don't view the "Suggestion Box" very much. With hundreds of suggestions an hour, lol, some ideas get bumped down so far that they do not generate much interest.

Thanks in advance to all who take the time to view it. If you have any questions/concerns about the idea, please post them there too.
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