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01.11.2013 , 12:10 PM | #1
Running the HM Terror from Beyound last night with my guildies and the first boss had major bugs, pools weren't spawning, adds instantly materializing and massive lag.

As we all experienced it the lag must have been server side, and could possibly be the reason of the other bugs. This was on the Begeren Colony server, also I got kicked out of the game 3x and another guildie once due to the server being full. This is unacceptable when in the middle of a raid.

Also network lag spikes were affecting the operation, with my pings going from 30ms -> 12000ms, I verified my connection, even power cycled my router and modem, switched networks all to no avail. Usually I get a steady ping of between 30-60ms.

As of right now the mechanic heavy fights just cannot be done due to these bugs.

Hope no one else is experiencing this as it is a real pain to do any operation unless you vastly overgear it and can afford to miss the mechanics.