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01.11.2013 , 11:45 AM | #271
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Congrats to Level-Capped to essentially beating it pre-nerf (3:59).

Also: congrats to Ace for a Warstalker title run on 16 man (1hr45min). Would you guys agree that prior to the nerf a Warstalker 16 man run was almost impossible? Or did you get Kephess down pretty pat after your first clear?
No, I don't think that it was impossible to clean Denova in less than 2h before the patch.
But we (ACE) kill Kephess just before Xmas time. We won't have the time nor enought teammates between X-Mas & the New Year to confirm the boss. Too much people in hollidays these times to make this possible (the confirmation and the Warstalker run).
We did Kephess and confirmed it before the nerf.
We did the Warstalker juste after, not because of the nerf I think. We could have made it with the old Kephess in 1h45 too. We wera close to do it before the nerf... so close!

And Congrats for those who killed Kephes 16 NiM too!!! Good job mates!