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I'm curious: are there other companions which are interesting not just as "best friend forever" life partners, but as unfriendly allies in a problematic world which sometimes brings together the wrong people for the wrong reasons? It's something one seldom sees in RPGs.
I had a mostly LS JK and the conversations with Scourge were just interesting. It was possible to gain respect, but he would challenge your ideas on things, point out hypocrisy, it was fun.

Kaliyo for the IA likes being contrary just for being contrary's sake, so you can expect conflict there, especially if you're at all LS or lawful.

SCORPIO spoilers

Zenith, in the JC crew, does things pretty much his own way and trust is very very slow to build up. He has a very ruthless mindset, which, depending on your character, can be in conflict. I found him very interesting.
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