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Playing my light side Jedi knight, there wasn't a lot of controversy among my companions (as expected), except for Lord scourge, which clearly despised my light side actions during crew gatherings on the ship, before important class story fights. I was suprised that once I got something like -760 affection with just one convestation option. You have given me motivation to build his affection, I'm interested where his companion story will go.
Lord Scourge is a scum that deserved to die for his actions - althou I do not mind it to be a fanservice death type so girls gonna enjoy their over emotional disturbances, for example Scourge protecting Knight and dying. Of course I would like to see him trying to kill that rot of tython but chances are rather slim.

for a Sith Warrior I do not exactly see a future painted with conflicts, Vette will sometimes say something about me obliterating kindergardens and Quinn gonna frown upon my dirty actions, but nothing big coming there - unless they gonna allow me to execute Quinn then its gonna be all tasty and wonderful
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