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Uhm, they think they should be the replacement GM because they are the co-owner of the guild? An in game mail is a good idea though.

OP, it's not the person that spends the most time online, it's the person with the most seniority. If you co-own the guild then I'm guessing you and the GM started the guild together and that gives you seniority over the other members, since you were there before everyone else. If you are a relatively new co-owner however, the first active person that the GM subbed into the group would get the GM title if he stays gone more than 30 days. I believe it's been changed from the 60 days mentioned in the original faq.
He didn't start the guild with me. I actually came into the guild two months ago when there was 17 members. Me and the gm were the only ones active. I was not a co owner at that point, but we found other people and he wiped the old inactive guild members. We got the member count over 50, (now over 120) and I legitly proved I was capable guild member by helping others out, and all that jazz (you have probably heard similar details before). So I got co owner from working my way there.

Yes there are higher ranking members that COULD, but I know they aren't as active as me... At least I think so lol.

And I actually have some other people in the guild (maybe about 19 people) who wouldn't mind me being the leader. All I'm saying is yes I am qualified, it's not like I haven't run a guild before, I have a traits for it.

I'm just saying it would be quite unfair to the guild if that person who played more gets the spot. Most of those people who are on 17 hours a day (almost seems like it...) are new people into the guild who are not really the type to run a guild (others will back me up on that in the guild).
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