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Hey guys,

I've seen some videos in youtube explaining the mechanics of the final boss fight. So, there are 3 guys to beat. The middle one is the commander, wich everyone says in the videos, should be the last one to take out.

I saw 1 video where the person talking said the commander should be the first to be killed. He didn't say the reason for it, but I imagine its because it's the commander who gives the order for the other 2 to attack a random group member. So by eliminating the commander first, no more orders can be given and the tank can control the other 2 as he pleases.

Am I correct or not? Opinions please.
I always ask my teams to kill the commander (middle one) first. Once he's down, the remaining two are easily controlled with threat generation. Second one to die should be the big one (initially on your right) becuase of his Heavy Pin ability.

Aside from the order of killing those three supersoldiers, group placement is very important if you want your encounter clean and manageable. That said, I ask the healers to stay close to me and the ranged to get behind the end chest. Most of them comply once I explain the general idea; which is them not pulling aggro from the adds and keeping the bosses together for easy aoe nukes. The stubborn ones get killed and learn the hard way.