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I have a few to add.

1) All boot drops BUT the Medium Strength boots from World Bosses are BoP, all other items are BoE.

2) Vanishing/Reappearing companion sabers. Whenever on Fleet or on Planets, this happens. In transition areas such as space docks, or in Flash Points, this does not happen.

3) Space Missions: Proton Torpedo is so broken it may as well not even exist. It either refuses to lock-on, or refuses to fire once locked on, but then also causes a bug where it will prevent your missiles from firing. (Simple fix, put torpedo targeting and firing on its own system, just like in every other single Star Wars game ever).

4) Some lower robe parts and some helms don't unify properly. For instance, if the chest piece has 3 colors, sometimes the helm and robe will color match to the 3rd (and least used color), instead of the primary color. This leads to some oddball things, like lower robes turning solid gray, while the helm will turn red while the chest piece is almost solid black.

5) Ability bugs. Still tons of bugs where you use your ability, the cooldown happens, but the effect doesn't occur. This bug was only made worse when ability queuing was added. On top of that, still seems to be a few issues with certain things in the skill trees not applying their effects properly to abilities they are supposed to modify.

6) Still tons of "invisible walls" randomly happening when going for things like datacrons. Also issues with Body Type 1 characters clipping through the edges of ledges, and instead of landing, they fall through. A bug since Beta, and I think it's a direct result of the game engine being a cobbled together alpha.

7) Going overboard on the loot drop nerf. Champions now drop nothing at all most of the time, quite a few don't even drop credits any longer. Some do on some kills, but other times you kill them, zilch.

8) Resource nodes spawning inside of scenery. Bioware fixed a bunch of these, but there's still tons more, with Alderaan being the biggest mess of them.

9) Player knockback abilities can send NPCs into walls or floors, where they can't be killed, but still can attack you.

10) Numerous ways to exploit the game client to modify what happens in-game, of which I won't go into specifics. Let's just say the results of such can be found used all of the time in PvP.

11) The game client doesn't properly release RAM. There are several threads about this, and the suspected reasons why it happens. On top of this, the game is not truly 64-bit compatible.

12) Many more that I don't have time to elaborate on.
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