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01.11.2013 , 03:43 AM | #1
Doing the Denova weekly (SM), I had to tank Stormcaller and found he was constantly changing its target.

While fighting on him, its turret simply went left/right during the whole fight, but during the shields/trandoshans phases, many of the plasma arcs landed anywhere, even on a sniper dealing with Calcinis.

I still think something is broken from start with this phase as the shields are supposed to protect from mortar volleys and they only occur at the end of the phase, but I'm unable to understand why Stormcaller changed aggro and dropped plasma arcs on just about anyone all of a sudden following last patch.

We ended up damaging Firebrand to ~5%, then finishing Stormcaller and had to deal with some plasma arcs on Stormcaller itself.

I know of a bug (feature?) involving an insane threat boost when fighting Soa, but it was nothing like that, more of a Zorn's rock throw mechanics taking place on Stormcaller.