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I appreciate the help and video, but the differences damage/healing is a lot different from 8-man to 16-man.
We have two Melee on Toth and of course Me the Tank. There is too much damage going out which forces our 1 healer on our side to have to stress heal the Melee but try and prioritize the Tank over the Melee.

I did find this group of players that seems to be a great strat and we'll probably try it next Monday!
Are your healers standing in with the melee? We run two sage healers on Toth who are both dropping their salvation (big aoe heal) on the group. The healing on that side is much more than manageable than the zorn side. The damage in 16 man is greater than that of 8. If you have a sorc healer put him on that side and make sure he's standing with the melee dropping his puddle.
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