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Just thought I would point out several things, the crash to esselles is a known issue with the hyperspace jump with some computers not handling the bloom etc , workaround alt tab out until the jump is over, or lowering your gfx right down prior may also work.

Edit - one user has said the latest nvidia drivers fixed this for him
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This actually got fixed on my end by new Nvidia drivers (310.90) that I got a a few days ago. Hope it may help others, but it mostly seems to be a driver issue.
I would also point out your graphics card does not meet min spec for the game ie minimum 256mb dedicated memory yours is showing 64mb. not sure if you can adjust the dedicated memory in the bios or not as a thought.

Edit - Ahh just saw your nvidia gtx card this wont list in the diag so if your certain it is using this card disregard my point about your intel card

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1. The Harbinger
2. Jhorn'a
3. It only crashes when I try to do the Esseles Flashpoint
4. I can find no reason for the crash. When I get to the end of the flashpoint (when you're back on the Republic ship heading to Coruscant) it just crashes to the desktop.
5. DxDiag:

6. Reliability Info

7. It always crashes to the desktop, it doesn't take me to the server selection or character login pages.