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Due to DPSing too fast, we have to stop DPS BEFORE a tank swap to ensure that fearful is off taking off precious time off our timer. Is there certain %'s we should have to deal with? I've found 88%, 68%, 48%, 28% to be the tank swaps.
3.) We're all currently geared in Dread Guard gear, and we're taking too much damage.
I'm so scared because of all the times I see my health lower below 20%, what can we do to make less damage go out for the healers? Like what cooldowns do you use at what phases. We're both Biochem and have Adrenals.
Every guild will have more than ample DPS on this fight. There's barely a bump in health from HM. We stop DPS at 72%, 52%, 32% and 12% in order to let fearful wear off the tank on Toth's side. They usually have anywhere from 10-15 seconds remaining each time.

Whilst you're waiting for fearful to wear off, tell the melee dps on Toth's side to run far out of his slam range, unless they have the yellow circle. That way that won't take unnecessary damage. Additionally you can also get them to wait out of range after a tank swap until the first slam happens on Toth's side, then charge in and DPS.

This fight has insanely relaxed DPS requirements, so there shouldn't be any stress on the DPS. Get them to move away when necessary to avoid unnecessary damage.
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