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Greetings rmzeyzein,

Please ask your guild mate to submit an in-game ticket or contact our phone support for assistance with this issue.

Please don't hesitate to come back to us if you have any further questions.

Thank you!
Are you kidding me? If he were a subscriber, do you think I would be buying the guild mate unlocks? This must be a joke? HE IS F2P and DOESN'T HAVE ACCESS TO IN-GAME SUPPORT! and, since I purchased the UNLOCK with my REAL LIFE MONEY on the CARTEL MARKET for him, you can either talk to him, using the name I gave you OR, you can talk to me, because I PAID FOR IT AND I AM A SUB, FOUNDER, CE EDITION MEMBER, that would like some ACCOUNTABILITY FOR THE MONEY I SPEND IN THIS GAME! I paid for the guild bank, and the member is in my guild - as stupid as it is that he would need an UNLOCK to USE my paid in full GUILD BANK - I PAID FOR THE UNLOCK for him to USE OUR GUILD BANK - NOW MAKE IT WORK - PERIOD! This reply is unbelievable and FYI, I am not coming back into this game, until you return EVERY CENT OF MONEY or CARTEL COINS that you stole from me.... so you work that out. SERVICES BOUGHT, PAID FOR - NOW IT IS YOUR TURN! Ridiculous...
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