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Currently having extreme issues with the fight.
We're currently having to wait during a swap for the other boss to walk back towards the other tank THEN tank swap.
Its a pain in the *** because the tank who has fearful has to deal with fearful for a good 2-3 seconds. We can't just run through due to Toth likes to do his Jump animation causing his stacks to add while in mid air. Out tanks are currently having to save cooldowns for certain phases. For example, after the spike phase we have to make sure fearful is off because we're DPSing too fast? (retarded mechanic I know). And this takes off so much time because we have to stop DPS in mid fight or either prepare a cooldown for it.

We run with
Tanks: Powertech, Powertech
DPS: Marauder, Marauder, Merc, Sniper,
Heal: Operative, Operative

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Heres a good list of problems I've encountered.

1.) Tank Swapping
Due to not having an OP Assassin to force sprint, we're having to have to deal with a tank taking fearful for a few seconds to make sure Zoth + Zorn don't get stacks.
Due to DPSing too fast, we have to stop DPS BEFORE a tank swap to ensure that fearful is off taking off precious time off our timer. Is there certain %'s we should have to deal with? I've found 88%, 68%, 48%, 28% to be the tank swaps.
3.) We're all currently geared in Dread Guard gear, and we're taking too much damage.
I'm so scared because of all the times I see my health lower below 20%, what can we do to make less damage go out for the healers? Like what cooldowns do you use at what phases. We're both Biochem and have Adrenals.

Once again, any suggestions would be great.
We've gotten through this fight once, but we've always had someone die towards the end.
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