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Greetings Egees,

I am sorry for the misunderstanding that has occurred. From what I can see you had two characters of the same class and name on 2 different servers. I can see that our support restored the higher level character (the character on The Shadowlands was level 20) on The Bastion.

Again I apologize for the confusion, but unfortunately we cannot move the character from The Bastion to a different server, bu if you wish to have the character on The Shadowlands restored as well, please submit an in-game ticket and the character will be restored as well.

Please don't hesitate to come back to us i you have any further questions.

Thank you!
So you're telling me that you guys cant fix your own mistakes? For real? I specifically said that the character I wanted restored was level 50, not the level 20, so there shouldn't be any confusion there, and I also said for that level 50 to be restored on The Shadowlands, AND IN THE REPLY I GOT YOU SAID YOU COULD DO THAT! And all the time I've been waiting for my character to be restored I've spent over 10 mil on gear for him when he returns, and now all of that is useless. 10 MILLION CREDITS! You dont exactly make that in one night of SWTOR. I also find it funny how when I click on my original ticket for a Character Restoration, there is no content in it. Did you guys delete the Evidence?

You know, all of this could have been avoided and I'll tell you why I deleted my character.

I returned to the game after leaving just before 1.2 came out and I decided I wanted to make a new character. Now, at the time I wasnt a subscriber, and I was forced to deleted 3 characters so I could make 1. My last character I had left after I deleted the 3 was the level 50 that just got restored. There was some weird glitch saying I still had to delete 1 character, Even though I defiantly had room to make one. 2 character slots for non subscribers right? So, I got desperate and deleted my level 50 that we're talking about, and THEN I could finally created my new character. After a week of F2P, I decided I wanted to subscribe. I started to play as a sub then I wanted my character back And now here we are.

I am NOT to blame here, This is on you guys, and Ill ask again, Please transfer my level 50 Character to The Shadowlands. I shouldn't have to suffer for YOUR mistakes.

Can I please get another reply from a CSR? I'd really like to get to the bottom of this. Could you please explain to me why you cant transfer my level 50 from The Bastion to The Shadowlands?