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Oh hello!

Sorry I wasn't too familiar with this section of the forums until now. There are a number of us who do RP but for some reason we're not interacting with each other which is a bit weird.

Best place to look is on our own server forums that F2Pers can actually use We're hoping to get the RP and OOC channels on both sides a bit more exposure and pick up the activity a bit.

For Rep side I can definately say that Dawn RPs a fair bit amongst ourselves and we're always keen to hear from others who may wish to join in. You can find out more about Dawn itself here, and thoroughly recommend reading the guild backstory if you're hoping to get some cross-guild action going (if you can't access it, let me know)

As for Cantina nights, Sundays 6pm onwards is happy hour on Nar Shaddaa! Again, has dropped off of late so hoping to really pick it up again