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01.10.2013 , 08:03 AM | #5
I'm also sometimes getting this issue where swtor is slow to start up the loging button doesn't appear for minutes, everything was fine until the last patch.

Other problems include swtor booting me out to server selection screen after being stable and playing for hours, then not letting me back in, I tried restarting the game but experienced the login button not being usable or taking ages to load in but not actually doing anything, sometimes progressing as far as character selection then when trying to load in the game not actually loading but the loading icon spinning in the corner. End result I had to reboot my machine to log in again.

I believe that something is happening within swtor that making the client and the client computer unstable and being unnable to reconnect to your server.

This is not a problem with my security software, I have done nothing with my antivirus and the only changes were some monthly updates from microsoft for windows 7 and your recent patch.

I'm on The Red Eclipse EU/PVE server and it's been acting strange for a few weeks now, booting numbers of guild members randomly and has even been down twice, when all other servers were available.
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