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01.10.2013 , 05:22 AM | #2
Why do you delete toons? You are trying to force yourself to believe you are not an altoholic, when you should accept that it isn't a bad thing

I'm an altoholic too but I never delete toons,
I've got my Commando, Sage and Powertech to 50
Assassin at 30, Marauder and Operative are at 20
Sorcerer, Sentinel, Gunslinger, Guardian and Sniper are at lv10
and I'll make a Vanguard when they release Cathar

Why delete them if you start something new? In given time you'll have all of them at the level cap, it takes roughly 3 weeks to get a toon to 50 playing 4 hours a day,

I ask again, why delete them?
You either subscribe, or you don't, cartel coins are useless