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All pics need:
1. Visible "the Warstalker" title
2. Server name
3. Visible Guild Names
4. Valid Timestamp
(if you don't include the timestamp then your "official" time will be your post time).
I'd suggest doing what Astral did and just "use this timer (UTC timer) : . Set up your shot in swtor, open up the Timer popup and drag it over your window. Hit print screen to take your screenshot and you are almost done." But if you've got another method that isn't easily faked then that might work as well.

I'm certain there are at least 16 guilds worldwide with this title so let's see those times!
Small note, I'm aware that some guilds have it for more than one Operations group. But let's make this guild specific, not operations group specific. If you'd like I can list that a 2nd group (or *gasp* 3rd group in your guild got the title, but I'd like the list to stay relatively simple).

Also: PLEASE NO CLAIMS A TITLE ISN'T VALID BECAUSE THAT GUILD GOT A PTS COPY. Yes, it's a shame if you got less practice before it hit live. But hey - it's not fair that some of us had work/school the day it went live, that's life.

8 Man Warstalker Spreadsheet

16 Man
Guild: ACE
Server: Darth Nihilus
Faction: Empire
Time: January 9th, 2013 @ 09:37 CDT
(time proof posted)

Note: Times are CDT/CST
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