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This is Messores Republicae's stream thread for 16 man operations and will be updated weekly to show what we will be streaming. We will also use this thread to answer any questions people might have so feel free to post!

Tonight, Saturday, January 12, we will be hosting our attempts on NiM Kephess at roughly 8:30 EST. Please feel free to join us at any of the following streams:

Melee DPS or Tank (high quality)

Melee DPS or Tank (high quality)

Ranged DPS and Raid Leader (very low quality)
Not currently available due to wooden computer. (Don't buy computers from the Amish)

As always we would love for people to keep in contact with us as we continue progression raiding. We hope to be on the PTS soon to be testing new 16 man operations as they come out. You can follow our twitter: @MRepublicae or visit our site We are always recruiting amazing players so feel free to drop off an application!
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