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I've used my subscription to roll a ton of female characters on The Ebon Hawk, hoping to have some good RP. They're all just starting out, so they are not fully developed, but I will be very willing to spend time with any of them if I can establish an interesting RP scenario with someone.

Why so many females? I am a female, I relate best to them.


I am hoping to find someone willing to pursue a romantic storyline between their character and one of mine. This isn't a requirement, but it would be interesting to try. Here are the options:

1.Yilo-- A pale, dark-haired, dark-eyed Human Bounty Hunter Mercenary (level 12 as of this post). Yilo is young, cold, and ruthless. Credits talk, and she'll do almost any job to earn them, even turning on one employer for the bigger paycheck of another. But she's found that even some tasks aren't worth any amount of credits... What does it take to crack her icy exterior, and what could be inside? If your male character is up for the challenge, he may find out. **Yilo is currently a member of <Forsworn>**

2. Shal'ani--A deep blue Rutian Twi'lek Jedi Shadow (level 12 as of this post). Shal'ani admires the Jedi goal of peace, but does not always agree with the Council's ways. In fact, she has made more than a few Dark decisions... Shal'ani struggles with her stubborn will against the Jedi Order as she fights for galactic peace by her own way. Could she be drawn more towards the Light Side by a strong mentor? Or might she be swayed to a darker path? Your male character may be that influence.

3. Rhell--A dark red and tattooed Lethan Twi'lek Sith Inquisitor (level 2 as of this post). Rhell is freshly freed from her slave collar and only beginning to discover her strength as a Sith. The black tattoos covering her body and face once symbolized her enslavement, but now she wears them as scars of her tumultuous past and as fuel for her hatred of weakness and anyone superior to her. Rhell is power-hungry and carries a vengeance deep within her heart. Can she achieve her greatest strength on her own, or will another Sith be able to join her and subjugate the galaxy together? For now, Rhell only understands her strong feelings of hatred and desire for power--perhaps she can yet learn of the many facets of the term "passion."

Those are the three characters I am most interested in roleplaying. Here is information about my availability/preferences:

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
Available Times: Nearly any evening. Occasionally afternoon.
Preferred Gameplay Role: I'm pretty new to SWTOR, so I haven't explored these yet. I've focused more on character/RP-oriented goals as I've played thus far. So I guess I'm impartial here. (Although, I really enjoy healing in WoW.)
Preferred RP Role: Female, usually Twi'lek (we need more alien options in this game!), but mostly I'm open to anything.
RP Experience: I RP like crazy on WoW. I've got quite a few characters on Wyrmrest Accord (large RP server) and I am in one heavy RP guild (Shadowtusk Clan) and have created my own RP guild (Earthwalkers). I'm very experienced and detail-oriented.

Who am I looking for?:

Anyone who would be available within the times I've stated (and we can coordinate times once we agree to RP), who has a male character that would match well with one of my female characters. My ideal RP partner would be willing to explore IC romance if it comes to that. Above all, my RP partner must be mature. I am 22 years old. I do NOT want to RP with a teenager or with someone who cannot write with a strong grasp of English grammar and spelling, or who does not have an understanding of how to write creatively. Good grammar and creative writing, along with a mature (not childish) mindset, is a must.

So, if you take roleplaying seriously and would like to pursue a storyline/partnership with any of my characters, do let me know. It would be especially helpful (and even fun!) if we could quest together with them, level, and such.

Thanks so much for reading. Please contact me or mail a character if you are interested.
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