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Speaking of mad props… 2.2k *and* 2.1k! Wow. How on earth were you both sustaining that kind of average even through the carbonizer? The gunnery commando we had with us was pulling >2.5k between carbonizers (since he knew his ammo would regen), but there was so much downtime that his overall DPS didn't even break 1.3k. I guess having a Lethality sniper would help (since the dots continue to tick), but even still…

I express my sincerest sympathies to your healer. It's so hard to keep up with all that damage. I do think though that a merc healer is a really great choice for this sort of thing. An op might have an easier time with it (multi-HoTing and the AoE heal), but the merc's single target heals are so strong, it feels like a good fit for the fight. Best of luck to you!
He would precast his OS on top of carbonized as often as he could, and ofc the constant double dot ticks on both bosses. As my Mara, I'm carnage and would be sure to burn a gore on it (Easily 15k-20k in 4.5s). The probes would usually make it only a few seconds before dying as our healer was doing his best at well. We're likely going to try this again, and hopefully beat it this time around; our merc healer loved the challenge!