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First, you have a top notch parser, easily the best solo parser available. Though I have a few suggestions for the group view.

Wondering if you could make the group Analytic more useful. (IE: Damage, Heals, Threat)

Analytic views for Solo log are great, but I find myself having to go into everyone's individual logs to see certain missing details. While not detail analysis for every raid member in each category is not needed, but a something more than just a graph ranking reformatting the existing information. The graphs in their current state are largely useless, imo.

A Graph suggestion for the Damage would be a line graph with a different color for each member (toggles would be great!) that shows the total damage as the fight progresses -- much like in the individual log. A separate graphic for DPS with the same style would be nice too. For death/revives just put a break in their graph, having it pick back up when information flows again. This would work well for Heal and Threat too (imo).

Under Damage, under by Target, what about a secondary break out of the Source to that target. Something like.
% of Damage | Target | Hits | Total Damage | DPS Taken
-- Player 1 | % of Damage | Hits | Total Damage | DPS
-- Player 2 | % of Damage | Hits | Total Damage | DPS

You already have an easy to read format in the Individual logs. Similar information for Group Damage Taken, broken out by Target and Player. Applying the same ideas through Heals and Threat, not only break the information by the Target/Healer, but again by the player.

One last suggestion, On the overview page -- make the individual link pop a new tab/window, or at-least a link back to the group from the individual view.
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