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What about this thread is charged? How does the fact that I believe that other fixes and additions are more important than SGRs make this thread charged? There is nothing political, social, religious or otherwise about this thread. It is about what I believe are misplaced priorities.
You should have given your thread a title more befitting your actual stance.

Your title is "I do not agree with the inclusion of SGRs." This says that you do not believe that homosexual romances should be included in the game. Period. If you are worried about priorities, then your title should read more like, "SGRs should take a back seat to bug fixes."

Of course, in that case, it already has. For about a year. Since Makeb is being released in Spring, they've decided to include something for a "small portion of players" (a phrase that has no meaning since you've not defined your criteria for size) to enjoy.
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