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The light side choice here is to support the free democracy of the republic, not undermine it by doing something that is obviously illegal and underhanded. As far as jedi are concerned, the ends don't justify the means.

This is a good example of why the jedi story is far more interesting than people give it credit for being. While the warrior story may have a more visceral sense of ever-present physical danger, the knight story has a more subtle danger that is also ever-present and grows as the story progresses. Time and again, you are presented with choices in which the dark side choice seems as viable or even more than the lightside choice when one's goal is taken into account.

If one is truly playing the story and not just making lightside/darkside choices by rote, it is VERY difficult to be untouched by the darkside--which is as it should be. The darkside is tempting and no one ever said it's easy to be a jedi. It's entirely possible to end up very 'grey,' indeed, and still believe that one has done the right thing all along, which is also as it should be. In my opinion, the jedi story and choices are among the best in the game and lend themselves to both replaying the class and RP very well. My level 50 knight ended up being far more of a Je'daii than a jedi.