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So when should they be added in your opinion?
First of all, let's understand a few facts.. SGR isn't going or break this game.. Nobody is going to subscibe to this game just because they can watch about a minutes worth of video of their character kissing a companion.. Or the ever so rare fade to black as your character supposedly gets it on with either a companion or an NPC.. It just isn't going to happen.. If someone is actually going to quit because they can't watch the above... Well then they probably shouldn't be playing MMO's to begin with..

People will however leave out or sheer boredom of having nothing to do.. Which is a major issue in this game right now.. There just isn't enough filler stuff.. You can only run ops so many times.. Lockouts prevent you from running them more than once a week.. Like them or not, lockouts are a limiting factor.. I agree with them, but it means we need other things we can do.. Dailies get boring after doing them for about a week.. Flashpoints are stupidly easy and lose their attraction after about the 4th or 5th time.. People only do them for the BH comms.. You can only PVP the same warzones so many times without getting bored..

The fact of the matter is, players are bored.. We need more to do on multple fronts.. SGR is NOT going to fix any of these issues or prevent anyone from moving to another MMO.. What Bioware did in another game with SGR is irrelevent.. This game isn't going to sink or swim based on SGR.. If people don't have enough to do, it will most certianly sink.. And well.. It is sinking.. SGR's isn't going to stop that..

So when should SGR be added?? When there is enough to do besides OPs, PVP warszones, and dailies.. When milling around the fleet isn't the most popular activity..

We need a dueling area on the fleet..
We need some form of gambling..
We need PVP arena's for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and maybe even 4v4..
We need world PVP, like what Ilum was meant to be..
We need more events and reaccuring events.. Both weekly and monthly..
Grind for Rep with factions..
We simply need things to do.. There are countless things..

No.. I am not saying that all need to be added before SGR is added.. But right now we have none of them.. Why can't we get a few things to get us and this game going again??

It would also be nice if Bioware could catch on to the idea of fixing things without breaking something else.. It is really frustrating as a player to see some bugs fixed while others are created..

Now can you?? Give me a single reason why SGR should be added now, and how it would benefit everyone that plays this game?? At the very least, the vast majority?? How will it make people in large numbers want to subscribe?? I am quite certian that when someone looks to subscribe to an MMO, flirting with an NPC or companion for about a minute total is not high on the list of things that are important.. At least is shouldn't be..
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