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Hey all!

As the title says, I'm making a little thank you project from the community to bioware, and I need all the help I can get! I'm not in need of money or some other form of support, I'm in need of screenshots! I'm gonna need somewhere between 125-175 of these, do now you see my predicament!

I'm looking for any screenshots you guys can provide! Only two requirements for em! One: No UI in the screenshot (UI can be hidden with alt-Z, nameplates and fly text must manually be turned off, there may be another way to do this, not quite sure haha.) Two: Any graphics settings are fine, as long as the resolution is at least 1360x768.

These screenshots can be anything from combat shots to guild photos! Anything epic and even subtle screenshots are welcome! Spread the word to friends, guilders, anyone! I'm gonna need all the help I can get!

You can either post them here, or mail them to

Thanks and have fun guys!

(If your name is not here, and you sent screenshots, either reply to the thread with your email and your name so I can match emails, or simply send another e-mail, i'll add your name promptly )
- Lawrichai
- Scya
- Master Zarchon Greywalker
- Lurtzelo
- Azae'zel Ellisian
- Yoje
- Infidel
- Genji


UPDATE - 4.11.2013 (2)
- Already gaining a lot of support, this project is officially back on a roll guys! Spreading the word helps, so if you guys can, tell you friends, or not, that's fine too haha.

UPDATE - 4.11.2013 (1)
- Posted to Reddit in attempt to revive the project, hopefully we'll gain some support!

UPDATE - 1.24.2013
- About 3/5ths done with gathering photos, still need some large group ones, so those would be extremely helpful!

UPDATE - 1.14.2013
- Group Screenshots needed! I need four screenshots, preferably two Republic and two Empire. These screenshots are essentially large gatherings of players in one nice area for a large group photo. The only requirement is that it be taken facing the group in some way. No aerial (directly down) shots. Any "cool-looking" angles are fine as long as the group is fully visible. Largest groups will be chosen to be in the project as long as the photo is decent.
- One Empire and One Republic Photo have been submitted.

UPDATE - 1.12.2013
- Post here or just edit your post with what you wish to be refered to as when the project is released! Alternatively, you can e-mail me with your preferred name. Sorry I didn't think of this earlier.
- We're going at a good pace guys, we're at approx. 30 photos that I'll be using, it's a small number, but nevertheless, it is indeed progress! Hopefully more people will start helping out