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01.08.2013 , 10:18 PM | #1903
4 or 5th post now...still not resolved (week 3 for me I think). Just sent an email to EA customer support...we shall see what happens.

Im not really willing to send my ID (because I think its outrageous that a customer has to go out of their way to fix THEIR issue...if I answer my security questions right that should be enough.) If the issue is still not resolved after going to EA...well...I wont be renewing my sub (Mainly because I cant!)

Lack of respect, lack of response, lack of indictaion that this restriction was in place and the lack of communication by EA/BW is really beginning to pull the final straw for me.Your game is loosing out on money here (sub/cartel coins/expansion), I would have thought this issue would have atleast been posted with a comment by Bioware every week that it was being looked into. It really feels to me that you just dont give a damn about this game anymore and you're just milking what remains of it. All of this because of a stupid security measure that wont even work in the first place cus the scammers can just go and create a new account! Get your act together !
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