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-The weekly Mission on Section X: The prisioners leaders are bugged and cant be rescued. When this happens? always

-Illium map: its divided into 2 parts right?that the PvP area and the Questing area, so far so good, right?.. the problem is that no matter what u do, the pvp area does not gets recognised as explored, so when u open the world map the exagons are covering that area..... When this happens? always

-Sundering strike(jedi knight power): the animation is not what it used to be, it is completly different, i will try to find an old video of how ti used to look before and how it looks now, am not sure however if they decided to change it in any of the last patch or what, since last time i played JK was like 3 month ago, and before that only in the beta.... but of one thing am complettly sure: it deffinetly looks nothing like before. When this happens? always...

btw if u see a few comments above, i actually upgraded and expanded the previous list that u quoted.
When I find time I will do the weekly mission in section x to test the bug for myself just to make sure.
I will add the Ilum bug to the list but it is my understanding that Bioware will fix this soon.
I main a Jedi Knight, and unfortunately did not notice any changes though I may be wrong, if you can send me an old version of the animation then I may be able to add it to the suggestion list to be restored.