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Hey guys, I was playing my smuggler and was chatting it up with Risha at the bar, and I am guessing I ruined the "romance initiation" conversation.

Its like conversation #5 or somthing, and I was just checking out the different dialog options/responses, and I went with dialog option #3 (basically I don't have time to charm you lady) and instead of continuing the branching conversation she said like a single sentence and BOOM quest over I am stuck with that outcome.

I haven't had this happen with any other NPC and I probe these conversation trees all the time, So I am perturbed. The dialog choice I am talking about occurs at 6:13 in the link below:


So did I permanently screw up that romance arc? I am still mad that I even let that conversation go official. I see in the next convo my character still has [Flirt] options but that doesn't mean he can capitalize on them. My guy is lightside so it would be a pain/non-rp to romance the blood thirsty Akavai chick. I have opened up tickets but Bioware says they don't offer that service
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