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What about the other sites, are they rubbish also?
Darthhater, TORhead, and AskMrRobot are all useful with up-to-date info, but that's because they're databases rather than advice/strat sites. I'd never even heard of "jedispecs" until you mentioned it now, but a quick overview tells me that it's pretty much the same usefulness as Noxxic (i.e. not useful). Your best bet for stat optimization and specs is to just these forums. Even if some of the guides are out of date, most of the class forums have at least 1 thread on the front page about the relevant best spec/stat optimization for the various trees, and, even if they don't, you can often do a search for a relevant useful thread (try to avoid old threads since a vast majority of them are out of date). If you can't find one by searching, if you start a new thread asking for advice concerning your spec and wait an hour or so (sometimes longer; people have lives), you can generally get either answers or directions to an appropriate guide.
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