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Tickets have been filed! The entire atmosphere on the Harbinger at the moment is nothing but negativity, hostility and outrage. You do not communicate with your customer prior to forcing your server into a roll back? You have the ability to send out messages, communicate, but you don't. You just do what you will and expect us all to stay and endure these types of problems.

The current game atmosphere is miserable, people are angry and have absolutely nothing positive to say on the server at the moment, and many of them are subscribers, people that helped get this game off the ground ... people are getting tired of constant mistreatment and substandard service - especially now, since you have more access to real currency and the service level is seemingly incompetent to handle these types of mechanics.

We hope that you will do something out of the ordinary for your customers to show them your appreciation and thank them for enduring all of the mishaps... most business try to retain customers by offering them some sort of restitution which has never been something you have done before. Try it, you might have some more satisfied customers, versus angry unhappy people.
Agree with everything this man said!
This is VERY weak!