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I am reporting EA or BIOWARE of whoever you are for abuse. My cartel coins were just stolen from me, along with all my recent cartel item purchases, my PvP match was reset (erased in the roll back) that I just completed and now, I am without my MONEY, without my items and one of the cartel packs that were stolen didn't have ANYTHING rare in it (same exact stuff from the other two previous packs which is contrary to the advertisement stating you will get something only available from this new pack) -whereas one of the others was full of rare stuff. Not that it matters at this point, EA/BIOWARE et al has stolen my cartel coins, stolen all of my cartel items and now I am without anything that I paid for. I am a subscriber, a founder and a CE account holder and I have been robbed by EA/BIOWARE et al. This matter needs to be addressed and I expect to be compensated in excess to what you have just stolen from me!
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