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01.08.2013 , 12:16 PM | #30
Zorn and toth eh can easily be planned around. As for the withering horror, come on now i do fine holding threat with 2 orbitals(one by healer), a mara and a pt in my group. Mara and PT and both over 2k dps and they pop everything to start there is also a sniper and a merc doing 1900. I never have asked them to hold on dps i simply adapted. I'll be honest it does seem like the withering horror's aggro table is lower than other bosses(almost like storm caller). Before they were geared i would wait roughly 6 attacks before my first taunt now i have no choice but to do it after my 2nd or third and as that wears off aoe taunt goes out and again when that wears off single target taunt after that it is smooth riding. It's really just about getting more comfortable with your other raiders.

If you think a mara is tough to hold aggro on get a very good PT and try holding aggro off someone with no threat dump putting up 2k dps.