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01.08.2013 , 10:24 AM | #42
I ignore most endgame stuff, so I run into newbs a lot on leveling heroics.

I'd say 30% of the time you might group with total incompetents, sometimes compounded by a bad group makeup (like no tank or no healer.) Sorcerors who don't know they have a CC, healers who don't heal, people totally unaware of the concept of focus firing, people breaking CC...

The only thing sad about this is like a three minute video could totally explain group combat dynamics, they're so simple. Even if the person was playing an RTS from overhead, they would comprehend "everybody shoot at one guy so he dies fast = good."

But to me a bad group can be its own adventure, when you overcome the incompetence. It's definitely easier to weather an incompetent group if you're a healer, though.